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Chiwawa FAQ

How Much Should a Chihuahua Puppy Eat?

All too often people think that a Chihuahua puppy shouldn’t be fed too much or he will grow too much. It is the biggest cruelest rumor circulating around new owners of Chihuahuas. So I beg everyone, feed your puppy as much as he can eat. Size is pre-determined genetically. If you feed your puppy too little, you will only achieve him having poor health in adulthood, while his size will remain the same. One more thing: sometimes, even so-called „breeders“ (if they can be called that, since they ignore health, as long as they have some money in their pocket) advise new owners not to feed their pups too much.  This really is complete nonsense.


How To Teach Your Puppy Cleanliness?

Once you bring your new puppy home it’s best if you take a week long vacation from work, so that you can give this puppy all your attention and time. Then you can teach him cleanliness much faster then if you leave your puppy to go to work. If you can’t get time off from work, I recommend bringing your puppy home on a Friday, so that you can stay with him at least through the weekend. After each meal, waking or play, take him outside and teach him to „use the bathroom“ during a walk. If he succeeds in doing so, reward him by giving him praise. Also watch him carefully when he’s inside, and if he starts being nervous and looks for a place, take him out immediately. If you catch him peeing at home, express your disappointment with a few words and then take him out again. If he finishes outside, express your happiness. If you find pee at home and your puppy is no longer near it, it’s unnecessary to tell him anything – he can’t connect the two and he won’t understand why you’re mad at him.


How To Get Rid Of Fleas?

First, it’s good to bathe your dog in some kind of anti-parasite shampoo and apply a product against fleas the next day (a spray or a drop behind the neck). It’s also good to wash everything that belongs to the dog and thoroughly vacuum the floor. The eggs and the fleas are usually not directly on the dog – they are on the floor, in the dog bed or in the carpet and they jump on the dog only to drink. A thorough cleaning - even if it’s with an anti-flea product - should be repeated several times. If there are a lot of fleas, you should spray everything your dog has been around, including carpets and corners of the rooms. You should open the windows while your spraying the apartment. After the products dries, you need to vacuum everything again.  The treatment of a dog should be repeated at least a month later, and should be applied to all dogs in the household. Even if you have a cat, you should treat the cat.


How To Stop a Dog From Marking Territory?

The fastest way is to give him a belly belt that stops many dogs in marking territory, and if they still do, the urine goes into the pad.

Another way is to walk him a lot and watch him at home. As soon as he starts raising his leg, go after him and snap at him. If you manage to stop him in time, take him outside and reward him (with praise).

A dog usually learns cleanliness within 14 days, but it takes consistency and you need to watch him.  Usually dogs are clean, you just need to be patient.


My Chihuahua Scratches Herself Often, Even Through She Doesn’t Have Fleas And Her Skin Is Healthy, What Could It Be?

Such a behavior could be associated with food or other kind of allergy. The easiest thing to do is to change the dog food to other, good quality hypoallergenic dog food, ideally without cereal. It should be fish or lamb, with potatoes or rice. If it doesn’t improve within six weeks, the cause may be in something else like in the detergent with which you wash his bed. If you want, consult your veterinarian, who should examine his skin and do a skin smear.